Food Waste Repurposed

We turn Food Waste into Sustainable Products

Risaikel is a startup with a mission to help reduce food waste's environmental footprint and empowering sustainability through the transformation of spent food residues into eco-friendly solutions, providing innovative and valuable products that contribute to greener future.

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When food waste is a disgrace

Risaikel exists to become a solution for food waste problem which unbeknownst to many is the biggest contributor to our national waste total.

Do you know? The biggest contributor to Indonesia's national waste total is not plastic waste, but food waste. 40,6% of Indonesia's national total waste is food waste, while plastic waste is only 18,1% (data SIPSN 2022).

We are on a mission to reduce the number of food waste going into the landfills by providing a platform for businesses to partner with in handling their food waste, and then turn all the food wastes into a new useful product with empowerment of the locals.


We partnered with businesses in collecting their food waste instead of just throwing them away, thus slowly reducing food waste that goes into the landfills. And we provide mutual relation by showcasing their contribution in our site.

Environmental Impact

Industrial Impact

Circular Economy

We make new products out of the food wastes we collected from our partners, and it can be redistributed to other customers.

Social and Economical Impact

Empowering Locals

We collaborate with locals, especially the ones with low income - mainly females, to provide them with opportunities to make money by working with us in making our products.

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